Welcome to「Forested Villa」

Welcome to 「Kinkonkan」and「Resort Oguni」

(有)ダブルプラン 不動産情報はコチラ
FORESTED VILLAis「Kinkonkan」and「Resort Oguni」is a generic term for two accommodation facilities.

Why do not you spend the seasons of Japan, spring, summer, autumn, winter, each color in the rich nature that grabs the hearts of visitors and does not separate? In the spring, fresh green and mountain cherry. The early summer is a pink carpet of Miyama Kirishima famous for alpine plants, midsummer is dark green and pure white cloud cover. In autumn, deciduous trees dyed mountain skin with colorful autumn leaves, and in winter severe cold, it becomes a pure white snow scene. It is precisely the accommodation in Aso Kuju National Park where all of the great nature is in front of you.

People who visit here can feel the voices of birds flying in the sky, the voice of cicadas and the dynamic life of breathtaking small animals somewhere and enjoy them throughout the year.

It is a type of cottage that rents a house in a detached house, equipped with kitchen, tableware, bedroom, bathroom, toilet, and is equipped with air conditioning and TV. Accommodate in the cottage, you can enjoy the grace of nature and plenty of source with the inner bath or open-air bath. You can cook your own meals even if you bring in foodstuffs and you can send a comfortable holiday together with your family and acquaintances as your own villa.

Guide of accommodation

The accommodation facilities are divided in two accommodation facilities “Kinkonkan” and “Resort Oguni”.


(By clicking on the above image, you can experience it as if you are on the spot as a Google Street View indoor version.)
There are five cottages in「Kinkonkan」, each with features such as size and interior.
There are “Iwarotenno-yu” and “Susutakeno-yu” which can be used as private charter outdoor bath nearby, each can be enjoyed.

Resort Oguni

(By clicking on the above image, you can experience it as if you are on the spot as a Google Street View indoor version.)
There are two rooms in「Resort Oguni」.
In the premises there is a spacious open-air bath, hot spring pool, BBQ facilities, which is an open area.

User guide

Please confirm the following details in order to enjoy “FORESTED VILLA”.
Hot springs
Forested Villa ご利用案内「温泉」について
There are a total of 5 hot spring facilities, in addition to the bath which can also stop by at “Iwarotenno-yu” and “Susutakeno-yu”, it is sourced from the source. Various ingredients are included in the local Nikyō hot springs, and many people are pleased as “Nigori”.
【 Price 】
Forested Villa ご利用案内「利用料金」について
There is a consecutive night discount. Please check once before using it by all means.
【 Access 】
Forested Villa ご利用案内「アクセス」について
I will follow the directions to “FORESTED VILLA“. I often think that you can come and see this by all means because it is in a place where location guidance is so difficult as to display incorrectly even with a car navigation system.

Attraction of Oguni (sightseeing spot)

Various tourist attractions are dotted in the vicinity of “Oguni” where “FORESTED VILLA” is located. Why do not you stop by at the time of staying at Oguni which is also such a tourist destination?
Please spend a blissful time with “KINKONKAN” and “RESORT OGUNI”.