“FORESTED VILLA (Hibira Hot Spring)” is a quiet mountain hot spring springing up in Yawa River hot springs upstream of the Kitazato River, so it is a place where you can spend luxurious time surrounded by rich nature.

The address is “Kumamoto Prefecture Aso group Ogunimachi kitazato 1435-3”, but the Hibira hot spring is also called “Genryuno-yu”, and even if you come by car navigation system, the place where the car navigation itself is different there seems to be a possibility of announcing.

Then, we think that customers are in trouble and I will do it easily because I do not want to make me feel bad before getting to our hotel.

Access method up to “FORESTED VILLA”

If you run the car as follows, it will definitely arrive and arrive, so please try to be helpful.

1.Regardless of where you are leaving, please aim at the “Yu Station” at the center of Oguni Town as the first destination.

2.When arriving at “Yu Station”, from this point run National Route 387 toward the “Shibasaburo Kitazato Memorial Museum”. (Please proceed so as not to get off the National Highway No. 387.)


(Yu station)
3.After the Kitasato station marks are visible on the left, it is a little more.


(Kitazato station ruins)
4.Running for 4 or 5 minutes there is a dark building called “Hyugaso” (restaurant) on the left.


5.After “Hyugaso”, “YAMAKAWA” is written on the road sign on the big T-shaped road on the right side. Please proceed to this “Yamakawa” direction.


(T-junction road sign)
6.When you turn to Yamakawa direction, you can see the sign “Yamakawa Onsen entrance” at once. Please proceed to “Yamakawa Onsen entrance”. I think that there is nothing to get lost if you come here.


(Yamakawa Onsen entrance sign)
7.All we have to do is go ahead. Is it still not? I think that I will arrive when I think.

8.If you are still worried, could you call me once you come near me? I will show you in detail.(Telephone Number:0967-46-5678

「FORESTED VILLA」Surrounding map