Accommodation introduction

There is a consecutive night discount. Please check on”FORESTED VILLA” (Kinokonkan and Resort Oguni) is a small hidden inn in a quiet mountain. Here is a place where you can relax and have time to enjoy and enjoy a hot spring until you go out.ce before using it by all means.

We will inform you about accommodation facilities of “Kinkonkan” and “Resort Oguni” of such “FORESTED VILLA”.

「KINKONKAN」is Introduction of cottage

In “Kinkonkan” there are five cottages, “Log House Oguni (A & B Building)” “Kominka style cottege” “Nanakoya” “Gongon House”.

※It will take the form of choosing according to the number of customers using. In addition, when you make a reservation you can make a reservation smoothly by telling the name of the room you wish to use.

※Details of each cottage can be seen from the “View Details” button.

Log House Oguni

“Log House sOguni” has A and B buildings and two cottages, each accommodating up to 5 people.
Inside the building is a cottage with wood burning fragrance that used abundant local cedar. Both rooms have a loft, and how you use it is diverse. While sipping plenty of sauces (hot springs) in a stone making bathtub, you will be able to heal the tired body with the outdoor life during the day.

Max people available up to 5 people.

Kominka style cottage

It is “Kominka style cottage” that imitates Japanese ancient country houses.
For the indoor beams, a thick single-piece lumber is used, and you feel like a time-slipping mood. A slightly staircase and loft, a piano for the living room. “Now, what shall we do to have a long night? A piano running in a quiet mountain …” A large bath will overflow with its source and you will be able to enjoy the moment of bliss.

Max people available up to 5 people.


It is a “Nanako family” who sits on the terrace and has a cold beer on a body that is burning in the daytime activities, it is a moment to say something.
I think that it seems that you can become friends with the exclusive open-air bath surrounded by bamboo just beside the cottage, the stars spreading in the night sky.

Max people available up to 3 people.

Gongon House

“Gongon House” is a cottage in a fantasy country standing surrounded by woods, and it has become a very cute building.
In the building, we use locally boasted Oguni cedars abundantly and we have a loft. Of course, with hot spring hot water, soothe fatigue in the town walk, let’s prepare for the next outdoor life.

Max people available up to 2 people.

「RESORT OGUNI」is Introduction of cottage

“Resorts Oguni” has two rooms, 「Asahi」「Yuuhi」. And there are BBQ facilities on the premises, swings, swimming pools and so on.

Room size and making are somewhat different.

※You can see the details of the room from the “View Details” button.


As for “Asahi”, two outdoor baths prepared in the premises are spacious making, you can use at any time.

Max people available up to 5 people.


“Yuuhi” is prepared in two places outdoor bath prepared in the premises is spacious, you can use anytime.

Max people available up to 5 people.

「FORESTED VILLA」Detailed information

Address Kumamoto Prefecture Aso-Oguni city Kitasato aza hibira 1433-3
Telephone Number 0967-46-5678
Check in/out Check in:from 15:00
Check out:by 10:00
※Changing time for check-in / out is required
※If there is a separate setting at the time of staying, that will be given priority.
About cancellation Cancellation fee will be charged as follows.
day: 100% of the room charge
5 days ago: 50% of room charge
Access It is approximately 50 minutes by car from Oita Hita IC. It is approximately 30 minutes by car from Oita Kusu IC. It is approximately 80 minutes by car from Kumamoto IC.

【Access from Fukuoka】
・For non-car: 90 minutes by bus from Fukuoka International Airport
・For car: Kyushu Expressway Hita IC From Hita IC to Oguni

【Access from Kumamoto】
・For non-car: 80 minutes by bus from Kumamoto Airport

・For cars: From Oguni-machi to Hita City Oita Prefecture To Hita IC Hita Inter Oita Prefecture Hita Inter from Oguni-machi Yamakawa Onsen

For those coming by bus, we will pick you up until the station “Yu Station”.


・If you come to a small country by bus, we can pick you up and we will pick you up at the station “Yu station” on the way.
(contact information:0967-46-5678)

Parking Yes
Room / Facilities in the hotel 【Standard room facilities】

All rooms bath toilet / all rooms shower / All rooms Air conditioning / Television, VCR, Satellite TV / Refrigerator (Air refrigerator) / Coffee maker


Fitness (pay) / Dining / Barbecue / Lounge / Non-smoking room / Drying room(pay)

Bath 【Hot spring】
・Hibira onsen
・Natural hot spring sinking (including water addition and warming)

【Outdoor bath】
・There are also men and women (including time change), you can also charter

【Private bath】

・Observation bath
・Hot spring pool (reservation required ※)

【Terms of use】
・There is a timetable for each lodging building on open-air private bath.

Other 【Amenity (some charged lending)】
Face towel / hand towel / toothbrush / toothpaste / bath towel / shampoo, rinse, body soap, soap / dryer / cotton swab


・Pizza set (1000 yen) is available on request until 3 day before arrival by telephone 0967-46-5678.
・Special bread for take-out is sold at 500 yen.
・We receive 100 yen per person as garbage disposal fee.