Tourist information of Ogunimachi

“Ogunimachi” is located about 15 minutes by car from “FORESTED VILLA”.

It is a really small town with a population of 7,006 people. 80% of the town is a forest, 75% of the forest is a cedar plantation forest. Naturally, the main industry of the town is forestry. Recently jersey cattle have been breeding well, and you can taste rich jersey milk.

Although it is such Ogunimachi, sightseeing spots are dotted, so I will introduce it although it is a part. Why do not you visit us when using FORESTED VILLA?

Tourist spots in Ogunimachi

Yu Station
Using cedar trees overflowing in Ogunimachi and combining it into triangles with a special pole joint Using the first wooden three-dimensional truss construction method in Japan, the reverse trapezoidal structure built at the site of Higozokogoku station of the abolished Nippon Steel Miyahara line It is an information transmission base with a unique appearance.
On the first floor there is a special product sales office and on the second floor there is a secretariat of the Tourism Association, which is used by tourists and many others. Aside from parking lots, there is a toilet that makes you feel a little quirky art. Please try using it. It is located at the intersection of National Route 212 and Route 387, and it is also a departure point for buses heading for mountain hot spring areas.
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It is 5 minutes by car from the Zenzo Sakamoto Art Museum. Local volunteers have improved the sidewalk to the waterfall, making it a healing space where people do not add too much hands.
The height of the waterfall is 9 m, the length is 20 m and the river width is wider than the head, so it is a gentle impression, especially when it is fresh green its appearance is said to be beautiful. And it is a popular waterfall that we can turn to the back side of the waterfall and you can hope for a waterfall from the back.
During the GW period, we hold an event to light up the waterfall from the backside.
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Shibasaburo Kitazato Memorial
Shibaburo Kitazato was born this Kinokuni-cho known as “Japanese father of bacteriology” in Japan.
In 1890, I applied serological therapy to diphtheria and presented a paper with my colleague Behring and became a candidate for the 1st Nobel Prize in physiology / medicine. Only the colleague Beering won the result, but discovered the treatment method of plague bacteria and tetanus and made a great contribution to the development of medicine.
The birthplace of this Kitasato Shibasaburo has been preserved and released as a memorial hall.
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Zenzo Sakamoto Museum
It is an artist boasted by Ogunimachi, whose lithography “composition 80” was a recipient of the Prix Professionnel (expert award) at the 1986 FIEST exhibition (Paris, France).
Expressed in a unique way mainly based on gray and black, it is called a “reticence of the Orient” and is a highly-respected international painter. The must-see exhibition building which holds about 500 works is a collection of roof ceremonies peculiar to small countries and is a rare total tatami flooring in Japan.
It is a small country style to see the Sakamoto art born from the life of Ogunimachi slowly sit down and tatami
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Tour of Fukuun three Shrine
During the Edo period, we granted Fukuchi lodging Jingoji that existed in the small country and the gods in Oguni farmers and merchants. It is said that many people were saved.
Following that story, to those who prayed for the gods of “Keyaki suigen-no Fukukamisama”, “Oguniryojinjya”, “Kagamigaike-no Ebisusama” and prayed for prayers and fortune-telling, the three companies of Fukune You can borrow money for paying with prayers.
Budget is supposed to be borrowed, but it seems that you do not have to return it … Let’s go for a magical power, and try hard.
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Nature of Ogunimachi

There is “FORESTED VILLA” in “Aso Kujuu National Park” located almost in the middle of Kyushu.

Calendula of the world ‘s prestigious Aso, a group of hot springs represented by the Tada River Mogahara and Beppu in the Mount Kujuu group protected by the Ramsar Convention. Nature, which covers a total area of ​​726.78 square kilometers, is “Aso Kujuu National Park”.

Why do not you try walking aboundingly with the sky and the wind slipping off the mountain highway that penetrates elongated parks? Seasonal flowers will greet you with representatives of Miyama Kirishima designated as a natural treasure. A big impression will satisfy your heart when you touch the seasonal scenes of the seasons, burning burning, etc. that people living in the land have harmonized with the great nature.

Park four seasons

Mountain walk guide

Mount Waita
Mount Waita spreading in front of “FORESTED VILLA” is an independent peak of altitude 1499.5 m which was born in the eruption of about 400,000 to 500,000 years ago.
Since its mountain shape has a beautiful conical shape, it is called “Oguni Fuji” from Kumamoto prefecture side, “Kusu Fuji” from Oita prefecture side, and is one of the 100 famous mountains in Kyushu, which is rich in nature It is one.
Because there is nothing to block around the altitude, there are 360 ​​degree wonderful big observations, Kujuu mountain range, Mt. Aso, Yufu mountain from the summit where the loose meadow spreads, Mt. grandmother in good weather Miyazaki Prefecture), Unzendake (Nagasaki Prefecture) can be seen. There are power plants around the country that use geothermal power which is one of the most popular geothermal power plants, so many natural hot springs are discharged as a matter of course, and a lot of people are visiting from all over the world to enjoy magnificent nature.
The trekking course of Mount Waita is a course for beginners and intermediate people with a gentle path

Course from bald no yu on Kumamoto prefecture side
・Climb in approximately 2 hours possible
・Hagenoyu · General climber parking lot
・Approximately 0.9km to climbing mouth
・Parking lot for about 10 climbers

Kokonoemachi scabies hot spring (Hizen-yu) From the mountain entrance course Spring lid course
・Climb in approximately 2 hours possible
・Hizenyu parking lot
・Approximately 0.5 km to the climbing mouth
・Paid parking lot, about 15 units

Forest road course from Yutsubo
・Climb in approximately 2 hours possible
・Sujiyu hot spring parking lot
・About 0.6km to climbing mouth
・There are two free public parking spaces in Sujiyu hot spring (1st parking lot (dedicated for day trip) and 2nd parking lot)

Course from Hatchobaru climbing mouth
・Climb in approximately 2 hours 30 minutes possible
・Hatchobaru climbing entrance parking lot
・Approximately 1.2 km to climbing mouth
・There is a large parking space on the shoulder part
・In the vicinity there are Mount Hitome, Mount Misokobushi, Mount Kuroiwa, Mount Sensui and mountains where everyone can enjoy.

Mount Aso
I will arrive at “Aso” in approximately 1 hour from “FORESTED VILLA”.
Volcanic activity, which is said to have started around 6 million years ago, continues to raise the smoke without stopping from the middle crater inside the caldera of Mt. Aso. When the volcanic activity is peaceful, you can approach the vicinity of the crater, but sometimes the volcanic activity becomes active, and in the event of toxic gas generation it is prohibited to enter the vicinity of the crater.
At the southern foot of Mt. Aso, a number of Shimizu called Aso’s famous water springs out and it is the source of the life of people living in the caldera. Richly spread grassland, clear air anywhere. I would like to enjoy the scenery that I spun a long time spending a long time that harmonized human beings with nature.
Trekking of Aso erupted from Nakadake 1st crater on September 14, 2015, the boulders and smoke are confirmed as 2000 meters above the sky and the eruption warning level 3 has been set and entry restrictions are being done.
And last year, on April 16, 2016, steam explosion followed the collapse of the crater wall, which is thought to be the influence of the Kumamoto earthquake. Then, at 1 am on October 8, 2016, eruption · · ·.
(Since the road to the climbing mouth due to the Kumamoto earthquake is closed, it is not in the situation where trekking can be done as it is now, so check the road information and so on from time to time.)
It runs from “FORESTED VILLA” by car from 30 minutes to 40 minutes and it is the entrance of Kujuu resort.
Ten volcano bands are spreading in the range of 13 kilometers east-west and 10 kilometers north and south, centered on Nakatake (1791 m), the highest mountain of the mainland of Kyushu.
At the entrance to the mountain system is Choshimahara, the wooden bamboos have a large wetland spread, and the Tamahara marsh is protected by the Ramsar Convention. It is a treasure trove of Yamano grass, and Miyama Kirishima, Tsukushi Rhododendron, Tsukushi Doudan, Bilberry, Mackerel, Gentian, etc. are blooming in various places in the mountains.
In addition, Hokkein Onsen in Mount Kujuu is a secret lodge located at an altitude of 1303 meters, and it is secret that can only be reached by walking. I feel that I can feel the real relaxation, which is slowly bound to the hot springs while feeling in the mountains and watching the mountain walk of tomorrow.
Naka-dake is the highest mountain of Kyushu mainland. Kusumi is a mountain with the name of this region. Heiji-dake is a splendid group of Miyama Kirishima.
Okuyama is the only Konide ( conical volcano ), which is such a magnificent mountain that a large ship was turned upside down. Mt. Mitamata is one of the entrances of the Kujuu volcano, and it will appear first in front of everyone.
There are many other peaks, but the main climbing mouth is the Choshinawara and Makinodo Pass along the Ayamanami highway connecting Aso and Beppu. The road is well maintained, and the mountains where everyone can enjoy spreading in front of you.
The parking lot is in front of the climbing mouth. Although it is wide enough, because it is a popular mountain, it will be full in the season, so you need attention.